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300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

200 hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh is offered by Ekagra Yog Peeth. Yoga is intense course that is adapted of converting your existence completely. This yoga program is designed to inform the comprehensive theoretic and real-world understanding about yoga, thus, the performing yoga for your personal concern; you can also start yoga as a living by set to teach yoga. We have intended our course construction in order to transform each applicant into an expert of yoga regardless of their expertise in this segment before joining this course. You will as well observe a sudden rise in your enthusiasm and confidence levels.

This course is constructed in equivalence with the principles of Yoga Alliance and is powerfully implanted with the entire essentials of yoga which involves them assive abilities to convert any beginner into a specialist of this creative learning. Our yoga teacher training course in 200 hour yoga teacher training in India is absolutely created for the yoga devotees who aim to attain the broad knowledge and proficiency of yoga modules with a great craving to become are put able yoga instructor. There are the different styles of yoga you will learn from 200 hour yoga teacher training in India.

Rishikesh, which is recognized as one of best Yoga center of India is abode to various such organizations instructing yoga teacher training. The core objective of these courses is to assist you take you into in-depth of this primeval practice. As, Rishikesh is sprawled along the set of the tranquil Ganga, it greatly offers yoga practitioners the impeccable environment to grow and develop in mind, body and spirit.

As our Ekagra Yoga Peeth teacher training institute offers 28 days course of 200 hour yoga teacher training certification. These yoga schools arrange classes for all yoga aspirants. The activities encompassed in the certification are building self-confidence in teaching, pranayama, making stances and philosophy about it

The benefits of joining the Ekagra Yoga Peeth are as below:

  • Approved program by Yoga Alliance
  • Yogic Lifestyle Involvement
  • To achieve most of the advantages of this certification, dedicated group of yoga teachers provide personal consideration.
  • Modern and spiritual methodology towards Yoga.
  • The feature of any yoga school is Classical Hatha Yoga. This yoga teacher training provides space for the essential assessment. The Yoga teacher training with such academy fits craving for yoga into an expressive profession. The training emphasizes of the certification in this institution are as below:
  • Stances alignment understanding of anatomy and energy
  • Voice training, touch progress and adjustment of functional training
  • Energy based classical Hatha yoga asana practice
  • Deepening classical Hatha yoga
  • Pranayama and Bandha
  • Weekly managed training which cultivates self-confidence.
  • Day-to-day divine heart meditation which enhances awareness and nurtures the present moments:
  • Overview of Ayurveda
  • Overview Dieting
  • Overview to purification
  • The teacher training through the certification program will include:
  • Improvement, modification and position of Yoga technique
  • Approach and body language as a teacher
  • Art of the touch

300 Hour Yoga
Teacher Training in Rishikesh

The 300 Hour course is perfect for advanced level yogis who want to brush up on their fundamentals whilst surrounding themselves with like-minded yogis for an enjoyable learning and growing experience.

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